Home-keeper as shopkeeper: 10 reasons why treating your home like a store isn’t as weird as it sounds

Approach decorating your home as though it’s a shop and the rewards will follow, suggests Bianca Tzatzagos.


  1. Re-merchandise regularly so you can see old stock in new light. That means moving around furniture, rearranging vignettes and clearing the dust bunnies.
  2. Refresh for the seasons. Use moments in the calendar to create opportunities for elevating your space. Spring flowers, bowls of fresh autumnal produce, Christmas decorations and cosy winter throws are just the start.
  3. Find ways to entice the customer and draw their eye. In your home, the customer is you and the people you love. Make every inch into somewhere you want to be and can’t wait to return to.
  4. Dream up creative ways to surprise and delight your ‘regulars’. Put out a cookie jar, or create a cocktail station for a glamorous night in.
  5. Turn over your stock. Sell things or donate them when they are no longer useful or beautiful to you. Don’t sit on dead stock.
  6. Make financial sense. Successful shopkeepers make sound financial decisions. They don’t invest in things that won’t make solid returns, and are careful not to spend above their means. Happy finances = happy home.
  7. Tell stories. Fill your home with symbols of the life you are living and the things you love, such as holiday souvenirs, family heirlooms, meaningful gifts and handcrafted creations (even if it’s your kid’s finger-painting). Provenance is becoming more and more important in the retail space, and should be a top priority in the home.
  8. Be authentic to your “brand”. Who are you and what does your home say about you? Is it representing who you truly are and the values you hold dear? Words like ethical, sustainable, intentional and local come to mind.
  9. Pour energy into your home, invest in it. There’s nothing sadder than a shop whose owner has clearly lost interest.
  10. Practice good housekeeping. Scrub the kitchen sink, clean the windows (or hire someone to do it). It will make the world of difference to your outlook.

The above photo was taken some years back in the wonderful Igigi General Store, a shop I wouldn’t mind living in.

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